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Main Wiring Harness Austin-Healey Sprite Mk 4 & MG Midget
Mk4 Sprite & Mk3 Midget Main and Body Harnesses (1725)
Our Price: $565.00

Austin Healey & MG Midget Main Wiring Harness Sprite Mk 4 LHD HAN 9 - 64735 to 70267, main=AHA 8156 and body=AHA 7637 MG Midget GAN 4 52412 - 58111 main=AHA 8156 and body=AHA 7637. 1966 no reversing lights PVC wire Braided Wrap (PB)

Fits both LHD and RHD cars
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Austin Healey Sprite MK4 & MG Midget 1966 Main and Body Wiring Harness
MK4 Sprite & 1966 Midget; Main and Body Wiring Harness (1705)
Our Price: $475.00

PVC wire, PVC wrap, 1966 main and body wiring harness, main=AHA 8156 and body=AHA 7637, (2 pieces) more info
Austin-Healey & MG Battery to Solenoid Cable
Sprite / Midget, Battery to Solenoid Cable (BC36)
Our Price: $40.00

PVC wire, battery to solenoid, (positive earth cars) 1961 - 1967. Battery terminals are modern "C" clamp type not "helmet" cover style. Components catalog has helmet terminals & battery cable/eyelets to make helmet cover style. more info
Austin Healey & MG Midget Dimmer Switch Harness
Dimmer Switch Lead (1704)
Our Price: $35.00

PVC wire, Braided wrap, dimmer switch harness (53"), LHD cars only, spade terminals at dip-switch. 1964-1966 more info
Austin-Healey Sprite & MG Midget Engine to Chassis Cable
MGA, Midget, & Sprite Engine Grounding Cable (BC29)
Our Price: $32.00

Engine to chassis earthing braid. (2K6167) more info
Starter to Solenoid Cable
MG Midget & Sprite, Starter to Solenoid Cable (BC30)
Our Price: $30.00

PVC wire, starter to solenoid, AHA 7776, all years. more info
Pigtail Kit for Front Side / Turn Signal Lamps fits several makes
Front Sidelamp / Turnsignal Pigtail Kit (BW51PP)
Our Price: $18.00

Pigtail Kit for Front Side / Turn Signal Lamps.  Contains a LH Side and RH Side Pigtail.  Contains PVC Wire in a PVC Sleeve. more info
Headlamp Pigtails (PP)
Headlamp Pigtail (Fits most cars) (141)
Our Price: $16.00

Headlamp Pigtail. Manufactured with PVC wire, with a Black PVC Sleeve. 33 Inches in length. (2 required per car)
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