British Wiring - About Us

British Wiring was born when Roger Davis, owner of Autosparks Ltd., a premier provider of wiring harnesses and electrical components in the UK, expanded his business into the U.S. and Canada. Purchased by car enthusiast Matt Bakes in 2007, British Wiring is now located in Bally, Pennsylvania, and ships products to the USA and Canada. British Wiring is Located in the same building as it's sister business, Triumph Rescue. Triumph Rescue had specialized in Classic British cars for over a decade when it started expanding its high quality restorations to include other classics. Triumph Rescue still maintains it's specialists for British Cars, but also employs experts in other areas to be able to do a Concours job no matter how common or obscure your vehicle may be. If you would like us to professionally install your wiring products for you, please contact us at either British Wiring or Triumph Rescue.