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Main Wiring Harness Triumph TR6
1969 TR6 Main Harness (890)
Our Price: $455.00

Main Wiring Harness for 1969, Left Hand Drive TR6's with the Ignition Switch in center of dash. Manufactured with PVC Wire, with a PVC Tape Wrap.

Fits chassis numbers CC1 up to CC50000

OEM # 308795
Body Wiring Harness Triumph TR6
1969 - 1971 TR6 Body Harness (870)
Our Price: $121.00

Body Wiring Harness for Triumph TR6. Manufactured with PVC Wire, with a PVC Taped Wrap.

Fits cars with Commission numbers up to CC 75000.

Original Triumph # TKC2901
Triumph Battery Grounding Strap
TR6 / TR250 Battery Grounding Cable (BC58)
Our Price: $38.00

Battery Grounding Strap
Triumph Gear Box Wiring Harness
Triumph "A Type" Gear Box Wiring Harness (863PP)
Our Price: $37.00

Gear Box Harness for "A Type" Over Drives.  Contains Braided Wire with a Braided Cloth Wrap.
Triumph O/D Upper Relay Harness
Triumph Upper Relay Harness for "A Type" Overdrive (TR250 & TR6) (865)
Our Price: $35.00

Upper Relay Harness for Over Drive Gearboxes
Dan Masters Electrical Book
Dan Masters TR250 - TR6 Electrical Maintenance Handbook
Our Price: $34.95

This book is truly indispensable, and no British car garage would be complete with out it. We all know the electrical systems in these cars can pose some special problems. This manual really spells things out in a way anyone can understand. This book contains 34 detailed Chapters, covering General Principles of automotive electrics, maintenance and trouble shooting, and common upgrades that are beneficial to these cars, using detailed descriptions, flow charts, and diagrams. Much of the information shared in this book is applicable to all British electrical systems of the era, and would serve well for all British Marques.

This item is Non-Returnable
Triumph TR caliper rebuild kit
TR3 through Early TR6 Front Caliper Rebuild Kits (TR36FCK)
Our Price: $22.95

Kits include materials for rebuilding both front calipers on TR3 through early TR6 cars. Unlike many other kits on the market, these fit perfectly.
Engine Grounding Strap  (BC65)
Engine Grounding Strap (BC65)
Our Price: $20.00

Engine Ground Strap
Triumph Reverse Light Switch Lead
Triumph Reverse Light Switch Lead (1551)
Our Price: $18.00

PVC wire, PVC wrap, reverse light switch lead on gearbox. (#147777)
Headlamp Pigtails (PP)
Headlamp Pigtail (Fits most cars) (141)
Our Price: $13.00

Headlamp Pigtail. Manufactured with PVC wire, with a Black PVC Sleeve. 33 Inches in length. (2 required per car)
Steering Column Base Ground Link Triumph TR250 TR6
Triumph TR250 & TR6 Steering Column Base Ground Link (134301)
Our Price: $5.00

Steering Column Ground Link for Base of Column
Steering Column Coupler Ground Link TR250 TR6
TR250 & TR6 Steering Column Coupler Ground Link (130581)
Our Price: $5.00

Ground Link for Steering Column Coupler
TR3A-TR3B Coil to distributor lead
Triumph TR 3A - TR 3B, TS 60,001 - on Coil to Distributor Lead (125957)
Our Price: $2.00

Low Tension Lead From Coil to Distributor