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Please Note:
Items in stock usually ship within 48 hours. When status shows out of stock, items can take up to 12 -14 weeks before shipping. If you have any questions about your delivery schedule for an out of stock item, please call us or send an email with your concerns and we can give you and estimated timeframe.

Please Note:
When replacing your wiring harnesses it is strongly advised to retain all your old parts until such time as your installation is satisfactorily completed and tested. In certain cases the new wiring harness may not come with certain replacement connectors, In these cases you must save and re-use your existing connectors.

Depending on the application, many of our Wiring Harnesses are available in a choice of:
  • PVC Covered Wire with a PVC Tape Wrapping,
  • Cloth Braided or PVC Covered Wire with a Cloth Braided Wrap
  • or a Mix of PVC and Braided Wire with a Braided Wrapping.
Please read the description of the item to verify the one you are purchasing is what you desire for your application. All styles are functionally the same and perfectly interchangeable. The differences are mostly for correctness of originality in restoration. Generally the older the car the more likely for it to have originally been braided, but not in all cases. PVC is more modern and in most cases slightly less expensive. And of course ALL our harnesses are produced to the highest standards to be sturdy and reliable for as long as possible regardless of type. All harnesses listed are generally suited for Left Hand Drive, North American Spec Vehicles unless noted otherwise. Some harnesses are appropriate for both Left Hand Drive, and Right Hand Drive Vehicles. Contact Customer Service for additional information.

Click here to see the style chart and examples