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C1471   4-Way Blade Fuse Box (Side Terminals) (C1471)
C324   4-Way Snap Connector (C324)
C180909   4-Way Spade Terminal Splice (C180909)
MC998   42" Tail Lamp Harness (MC998)
C444   44 Strand Braided Wire "12 ga AWG" (C444)
C144   44 Strand PVC Wire "12 Gauge" (C144)
C704U   4mm Blue PVC Sleeving (C704U)
C307   4mm Female Bullet and Cover (C307)
C306   4mm Male Bullet and Cover (C306)
C704   4mm PVC Sleeving (C704)
C171   5 Amp Blade Fuse (C171)
C820   5-pin, 28RA, Change over Relay (C820)
C335   5-Way Snap Connector (C335)
C855   5-Way Waterproof Connector (C855)
C292   5/16" Flag Type Ring Terminal (C292)
C522   5/16" PVC Grommet (C522)
C1600   5/16" Right Angle Ring Terminal (37/16) (C1600)
C282   5/16" Ring Terminal (C282)
C285   5/16" Ring Terminal (C285)
C254   5/16" Standard Eyelet (C254)
C258   5/16" Standard Eyelet (C258)
C545   5/8" Blanking Grommet (C545)
C954   5/8" Cable Clip with 5/16" Mounting Hole (C954)
C968   5/8" PVC Cable Clip (C968)
C529   5/8" PVC Grommet (C529)
C150   50 Amp Glass Fuse (C150)
MC201PP   52 an on, Triumph T15 & T20 Terrier & Tiger Cub Main Harness (MC201PP)
509347   54 -56 Triumph TR 2 - TR 3, up to TS 12,568 Low Tension Lead (509347)
MC202PB   54 and on, T20 Tiger Cub Points in engine case, (MC202PB)
1243BP   57-61 Metropolitan RHD Main Wiring Harness (1243BP)
1243PP   57-61 Metropolitan RHD Main Wiring Harness (1243PP)
C705   5mm PVC Sleeving (C705)
C148   6-Way Blade Fuse Box (Bottom Terminals) (C148)
C169   6-Way Blade Fuse Box (Side Terminals) (C169)
C161   61 Strand Black PVC Battery Cable (C161)
C162   61 Strand Braided Battery Cable (C162)
LR202PBALT   61-65 Petrol 2A Main Harness w/ Alternator Conversion (LR202PBALT)
1056B   62 - 64 TR4 Main Harness (Up To CT9983) Black Tape Wrap (1056B)
C465   65 Strand (10 ga AWG) Braided Wire
C165   65 Strand PVC Wire "10 Gauge" (C165)
C746   6mm Adhesive Heat Shrink Sleeving (C746)
C706U   6mm Blue PVC Sleeving (C706U)
C726   6mm Heat Shrink Sleeving (C726)
C706   6mm PVC Sleeving (C706)
C819   6RA Relay (SRB111)
C827   7-Way 3mm Pin & Socket Connector (C827)
C857   7-Way Waterproof Connector (C857)
C172   7.5 Amp Blade Fuse (C172)
C951   7/16" Cable Clip with 11/32" Mounting Hole (C951)
C526   7/16" PVC Grommet (C526)
C547   7/8" Blanking Grommet (C547)
MC28HPB   71 to 73 Triumph T120 & TR6 / 71 to 73 BSA A65 Headlamp Harness (MC28HPB)
MC28HPP   71 to 73 Triumph T120 & TR6 / 71 to 73 BSA A65 Headlamp Harness (MC28HPP)
1865   74-76 Lotus Elite 502 Dash & Electric Windows Wiring Harness (1865)
1863   74-76 Lotus Elite 502 Interior, seat belts and speakers Harness (1863)
C848   8-Way 1/4" Spade Connector (C848)
C484   84 Strand Braided Wire
C184   84 Strand PVC Wire (C184)
MC908   88SA Ignition Switch Socket Assembly (MC908)
MC907   88SA Light Switch Socket Assembly (MC907)
C708   8mm PVC Sleeving (C708)
C109   9 Strand PVC Wire (C109)
C829   9-Way 3mm Pin & Socket Connector (C829)
C859   9-Way Waterproof Connector (C859)
C366   90 Degree Positive Screw Down Terminal (C366)
C729   9mm Heat Shrink Sleeving (C729)
SC64   AC ACE & ACECA Steering Column Harness (SC64)
931BP   AC ACE Main Wiring Harness (931BP)
931PP   AC ACE Main Wiring Harness (931PP)
932BP   AC ACECA Main Wiring Harness (932BP)
932PP   AC ACECA Main Wiring Harness (932PP)
MC164PB   AJS Matchless G3 Main Harness (MC164PB)
MC111PP   AJS Matchless G80CS Main Harness (MC111PP)
MC111PB   AJS Matchless G80CS Main Wiring Harness (MC111PB)
ALTMM   Alternator Adapter Harness for Morris Minor (ALTMM)
131   Alternator Harness for Series 1, 4.2 XKE's (No Warning Light) (131)
XJ6109   Alternator Harness, Early Series 1 Jaguar XJ6 (XJ6109)
XJ6123   Alternator Harness, Late Series 1 & Series 2 Jaguar XJ6 (XJ6123)
XJ2123   Alternator Harness, Series 1 XJ12 (XJ2123)
C620   Amber Bulbholder Assembly (C620)
BW78   Ammeter Lead (BW78)
MC140PB   Ariel Mk2 Square 4 Main Harness (MC140PB)
7731   Aston Martin DB6 Saloon Boot Lid Harness (7731)
784   Aston-Martin DB 2/4 MK2 Harness Set (784)
785   Aston-Martin DB 2/4 MK3 Harness Set (785)
781   Aston-Martin DB1 Harness Kit (781)
793   Aston-Martin DB2 Harness Set (793)
783   Aston-Martin DB2/4 MK1 Wiring Harness Set (783)
791   Aston-Martin DB4 Boot Lid Harness (791)
789   Aston-Martin DB4 Chassis Harness (789)
786   Aston-Martin DB4 GT Harness Set (786)
799   Aston-Martin DB4 Main Harness (Series 1) (799)
787   Aston-Martin DB4 Main Harness with OD (Series 2 - On) (787)
739   Aston-Martin DB4 Main Harness without OD (Series 2) (739)
790   Aston-Martin DB4 Rear Harness (790)
1799   Aston-Martin DB4 Series 1 Dash Wiring Harness (1799)
788   Aston-Martin DB4 Series 2, 3 & 4 Dash Harness (788)
1788   Aston-Martin DB4 Series 5 Dash Wiring Harness (1788)
796   Aston-Martin DB5 Chassis Harness (796)
795   Aston-Martin DB5 Dash Harness (795)
798   Aston-Martin DB5 Electric Window Harness (798)
794   Aston-Martin DB5 Main Harness (794)
1773   Aston-Martin DB5 Overdrive Harness (1773)
772   Aston-Martin DB6 Chassis Harness (772)
771   Aston-Martin DB6 Dash Harness (771)
774   Aston-Martin DB6 Electric Window Harness (774)
1770   Aston-Martin DB6 Fuel Injection Harness (1770)
770   Aston-Martin DB6 Main Wiring Harness (770)
775   Aston-Martin DB6 Sub Harness Kit (775)
779   Aston-Martin DBS Alternator Harness (779)
765   Aston-Martin DBS Chassis Harness (765)
777   Aston-Martin DBS Dash Harness (777)
778   Aston-Martin DBS Electric Window Harness (778)
768   Aston-Martin DBS Fascia Harness (768)
769   Aston-Martin DBS Inside Engine Bay Harness (769)
776   Aston-Martin DBS Main Engine Wiring Harness (776)
767   Aston-Martin DBS Rear Harness (767)
780   Aston-Martin DBS Sub Harness Kit (780)
SC93   Austin Healey & Jaguar Steering Column Wiring Harness (SC93)
694A   Austin Healey BN7, BJ7, & BT7 & Late BN6 Main Harness (694A)
AN111C   Austin Mini 1972-1975 Mk3 Saloon 1000 (PP)
694B   Austin-Healey BJ7 & BT7 Body Harness (694B)
699   Austin-Healey BJ8 Overdrive Harness (699)
695   Austin-Healey BJ8 Phase 1 Original Spec Harness Kit (695)
695M   Austin-Healey BJ8 Phase 1 Original Spec Main Harness (695M)
675   Austin-Healey BJ8 Phase 1 PVC Replacement Harness Set (675)
696   Austin-Healey BJ8 Phase 2 Original Spec Harness Kit (696)
676   Austin-Healey BJ8 Phase 2 PVC Replacement Harness (676)
679   Austin-Healey BJ8 PVC Overdrive Harness (679)
677   Austin-Healey BN1 Overdrive Harness (677)
697   Austin-Healey BN1 Overdrive Harness (697)
671   Austin-Healey BN1 Replacement Harness Kit (671)
694BB   Austin-Healey BN4 1958-59 Original Style Main Harness Kit (694BB)
674   Austin-Healey BN4 Harness Kit (1958-1959) (674)
694NC   Austin-Healey BN4 Harness Kit (1958-1959) (694NC)
673   Austin-Healey BN4 Main Harness Kit (1956-1958) (673)
678   Austin-Healey BN4 Overdrive Harness (678)
698BB   Austin-Healey BN4 Overdrive Harness (698BB)
694C   Austin-Healey BN6 & BN7 Body Harness (694C)
693BB   Austin-Healey BN6 (1958) / BN4 (1956-1958) Wiring Harness Set (693BB)
693   Austin-Healey Early BN4, & Early BN6 Wiring Harness Set (693)
698   Austin-Healey Overdrive Harness (BN4, BN6, BN7, BJ7) (698)
CLLB281   BA7 Bulb
BC105   Battery Cable Set 1957-58 MG ZA & ZB (BC105)
BC50   Battery Cable Set, Series 1 & 2, Negative Ground (BC50)
BC49   Battery Cable Set, Series 1 & 2, Positive Ground (BC49)
BC46   Battery Cable Set; Negative Ground (BC46)
BC45   Battery Cable Set; Positive Ground (BC45)
TRBDC   Battery Disconnect Switch / Cut-Off Switch (TRBDC)
BC57   Battery Ground Cable (Positive Ground) (BC57)
BC515   Battery Ground Cable, Series 1 E-Type (BC515)
BC140   Battery Switch Grounding Strap for BN1 & BN2 (BC140)
BC144   Battery to Master Switch Cable (BC144)
BC60   Battery to Solenoid Cable (BC60)
BC66   Battery to Solenoid Cable (BC66)
BC143   Battery to Solenoid Cable BJ7 (BC143)
BC513   Battery to Solenoid Cable, Series 1 E-Type (BC513)
C451   Black Cloth Tape (C451)
C146   Blade Fuseholder (C146)
BG1   Blanking Grommet Assortment Pack (BG1)
C618   Blue Bulbholder Assembly (C618)
1733   Body Wiring Harness MG Midget 1970-71 (1733)
1734   Body Wiring Harness MG Midget 1971 (1734)
1735   Body Wiring Harness MG Midget 1972 (1735)
1736   Body Wiring Harness MG Midget 1973-74 (1736)
1771   Body Wiring Harness MG Midget 1975-77 (1771)
1772   Body Wiring Harness MG Midget 1975-80 (1772)
1732   Body Wiring Harness Sprite Mk 4 & Mk3 MG Midget 1969-70 (1732)
1731   Body Wiring Harness; Sprite Mk 4 & Midget 1969 (1731)
C2532   Bonnet Terminal Block
119   Bonnet Wiring Harness for Early Series 1 XKE's (119)
120   Bonnet Wiring Harness Mid Series 1 thru Series 3 XKE's (120)
166   Boot (Trunk) Lid Wiring Harness Jaguar MK2 (166)
XJ6185   Boot Harness. Series 1 XJ6 & XJ12 (XJ6185)
1334   Brake Fluid Warning Harness (1334)
XJ2136   Brake Pressure Switch Harness, Jaguar Series 1 XJ12 (XJ2123)
MC64PB   BSA C10 and C11 Main Harness (MC64PB)
MC37PB   BSA A65F Firebird Main Harness (MC37PB)
MC2PP   BSA A7 & A10 / Ariel Huntsman Main Harness (MC2PP)
MC2PB   BSA A7 & A10 / Ariel Huntsman Main Harness (MC2PB)
MC441PB   BSA M20, WM20, M21 & M33 - Early Color Code (MC441PB)
MC442PB   BSA M20, WM20, M21 & M33 - Late Color Code (MC442PB)
MC4PB   BSA, A7 and A10 (Rigid & Plunger Frames) Wiring Harness (MC4PB)
1701BB   Bugeye LHD Dimmer Switch Lead Mk 1 (1701BB)
741   Bugeye Sprite Mk 1 Original Spec Harness Set (741)
721   Bugeye Sprite Mk1 Main Harness Set (721)
XJ6152   Bulkhead Harness, Series 1 Jaguar XJ6 (XJ6152)
AST1   Bullet Crimping Tool (AST1)
CC1   Cable Clip Assortment Pack
CLLB987   CB987 Bulb
169   Center Panel Wiring Harness Jaguar MK2 (169)
C1401   Clamp Terminal for Glass Fuses (C1401)
C323   Common Triple Snap Connector Sleeve (C323)
C3566   Contact Terminal for Metal Bulb Holder (C3566)
CB2   Crimping Bullet & Snap Connector Assortment Pack (CB2)
C318   Crimping Bullet for 14 Strand Braided Wire (C318)
C314   Crimping Bullet for 14 Strand PVC Wire (C314)
C317   Crimping Bullet for 9 Strand Braided Wire (C317)
C309   Crimping Bullet for 9 Strand PVC Wire (C309)
160   Daimler SP250 Dart Wiring Harness Set (160)

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